Traffic Rider Mod Apk for PC – Unlimited Money, Bikes & Unlocked Missions

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NameTraffic Rider Mod Apk for PC
Updated1 Day Ago
Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
Latest Version1.90
Size110 MB
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Playing games on a big screen makes the gaming experience better and exciting. For this purpose, Traffic Rider Mod Apk for PC is designed for PC game lovers. Now you can play this on PC with more exciting features and enjoy the big-screen experience on your PC and Laptop.

Traffic Mod Apk for PC – Features

Simply Traffic Rider Mod Apk for PC is a very exciting feature as you can see the game graphics in a much more detailed and explained way. This game is played frequently all around the world due to the 3D graphics of this game. The real-world graphics of the game attract gamers to play this game more and more.

The unlimited money feature is also very interesting and more demanding. You can purchase unlimited bikes with money. All the heavy and sports bikes are available with various speed and fuel features. You can also modify these bikes by spending some amount of money.

As you have a bike with great specifications, you can beat the opponents easily in the race. Due to unlimited money in this game, you can buy a bike with heavy features, can win the race, and thus can pass unlimited missions in this game. Passing missions helps you to achieve a greater rank on the leaderboard.

The environment of the game is well-designed for nature lovers. By providing the best experience of the race the mountains, forest, and rain are also made available for nature lovers. On the other hand, day and night variations are also available for gaming lovers. The night mode in the game is interesting for gamers who love to have a dark mode on their smartphones.

Sports bikes are also available for sports bike lovers. You can choose any sportbike according to your recommended features. No fuel problem has been solved. In the trial version, there was also a problem with the game time limit but now there is no more time limit in traffic rider mod apk.

Traffic Rider Apk for PC – TIPS

Speed is the only factor in Traffic Rider Mod Apk for PC which provides you with more rewards. When you drive your bike at high speed you earn more scores and more money. So drive fast and get more rewards. If you drive your bike 100 km/h, you get extra money and extra scores. The rank on leaderboards also increases as well.


Overtaking the vehicles at high speed also helps you to achieve more scores and money. If you pass your bike near to car or any vehicle at high speed you get more bonuses like extra money and extra scores. Speedy driving also helps you to finish the missions before the required time.

How to Play Traffic Rider Mod Apk on PC?

For Playing traffic rider mod on PC, you need to have an emulator on PC. We will recommend you Nox Player emulator for PC. Nox player is lightweight, easy to install and use the player and also gives more features and results than any other emulator. You have to download and install Nox Player first, then download and install traffic rider mod apk for PC and that’s it.

Now you can play Traffic Rider mod apk on PC, Enjoy the big screen, more precise control, and high sensitivity of the game. Indeed, Traffic Rider mod apk pc is just an amazing game to play on PC. Certainly, Traffic rider mod apk download for PC has explained graphics for PC game lovers. Besides, Traffic rider mod apk for Windows 7 can be played through the emulator. In addition, Traffic rider mod apk for Windows or the traffic rider mod apk for Windows 10 is also available to play.


Traffic Rider Mod Apk for PC is no doubt an extra and more interesting feature to play on PC. The extended features on the PC make the racing game experience better. The 3D graphic visibility on PC is higher than on other devices due to the graphics capacity of the PC. So you just need to download the game and enjoy it.

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